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Monthly group photography exhibition presents by Bokeh Cafe & Prism Imaging. We will be displaying 27 photos in total. At the beginning of each month, the theme of the new exhibition will be announced, and photographers shall begin to submit their works accordingly. 




How to Enter


If you already have your own prints:

Simply drop off your prints at Bokeh Cafe or Prism Imaging. 


Please make sure your photos are printed on an 11 x 14 photo paper, preferably matt photo paper, not overly shiny or glossy. Photo size can vary, but please leave some white space on the edges for us to keep the gallery looks consistent and professional. (To get the right enough space, the longest side of your photo should be about 12 inches. )


Here is a picture of the way we printed them on the last exhibition:





If you only have digital copies: 


Step 1: 


Prepare and send your photos to our joined email address: Maximum of three photos per entry.


Don’t forget to add some basic info about yourself, links to your online profiles, time and location the photo was taken, price and so on…Please make note of the deadline for each month.


 * For initial submissions, images can be with or without watermark, but the final image must be submitted without watermark. Make sure to send your photos with the best quality you have, so that we know if it is printable.


Step 2:


We will select 27 photos in total to be displayed based on to our theme, exhibition arrangement, quality of the photos, time order of the submissions and etc… 


All participants will be notified regardless, whether your photos are selected or not. All participants will receive our exclusive coupons. Photographers with their works in the exhibition will also be entered in a draw for a free meal for two at Bokeh Cafe. 


Step 3:


Photographers will be responsible for the cost of their prints. Prism Imaging will be responsible for printing the images out, and they will take care of your prints for the exhibition with the best price they can offer ($10 for each print, more than 30% off on regular price). 


*Photographers can make the payment in person with cards or cash. Or through email transfer or check. Payment has to be made before the end of the exhibition. Fail to make the payment will result in losing spot in future exhibitions. 


Step 4: 


We will set up the exhibition and label each photo with the information you provide. And please pick up your prints at Prism Imaging after the exhibition.





Other information:

- Please keep in mind that Bokeh Cafe is a family-friendly cafe, please choose your images with discretion. 


- The exhibition will be arranged and organized by Bokeh Cafe and sponsoring by Prism Imaging. Please note that not all photos will be eligible for display


  • Photographers reserve all rights to their photographs


If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us. 



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