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Photographer of the Month

Every month, we choose one photographer to be featured on our website and social media platforms.  They will be sharing their stories with all of you. We hope these stories could connect and inspire you in some ways. 

June, 2019 : Stocktoon

Photo by Stocktoon.© All rights reserved

Bokeh: Hi Stocketoon, thanks for joining us. Please tell us a little about yourself.


Stocktoon: Hi, I'm a photographer in Iceland. I used to study Graphic Design here, so I called myself a designer. But it turns out I photograph way more than I do graphic design, so I am more of a photographer than designer now.


Bokeh: So when did you start taking photos? What was your initial motivation? 


Stocktoon: I started taking photos during my years at university. From what I remember, I was influenced by a friend of mine. It was during that period of time when film photography got trendy; He has a Canon ae-1, so we shoot together for fun. Besides, photography is also a required course for my major. 




Photo by Stocktoon.© All rights reserved

Photo by Stocktoon.© All rights reserved

Bokeh: What's your first camera? And which camera is your favourite up until this point?

Stocktoon: My very first camera is Minolta x11, before that I was only using basic pocket camera and my friends' camera. My favourite so far is iPhone. :)

Bokeh: Haha, I don't blame you, cell-phone cameras just make things so much easier.  We have so many customers asking how did you get the colours in your photos? They are very poetic and dreamlike, almost unreal. 

Stocktoon: I think I have very sensitive vision for colours, anything with high contrast or over saturated is very uncomfortable for me to look at. Natural lighting has a huge impact on colour, so as the purity level of the atmosphere. Iceland is incredibly beautiful on itself, the view is always soft and poetic. I rarely get the similar colours from the photographs I take in my home country - China.  


Photo by Stocktoon.© All rights reserved


Photo by Stocktoon.© All rights reserved

Bokeh: I totally agreed. The photos we get from capturing different countries or even different streets can be totally different. We put our feeling into images, and those feelings are directed by the ambiance. Who's your favorite photographer? 


Stocktoon: Oh, there are so many talented photographers out there. I will just name a few here: Benjamin Everett, Lin Yung Cheng, Ben Zank, Yuni Yoshida and so on...


Bokeh: I followed Ben Zank as well, he's works are so much fun to look at, very creative. Alright, lastly, anything you want to say to everyone?


Stocktoon: Emmm, I'm very OCD when it comes to colors, it takes me forever to be completely satisfied with my post-processing. That's why I don't update my work frequently...please bear with me. :)




Photo by Stocktoon.© All rights reserved

Are you a photographer?

Want to join our photography group and show your works to the public? Please contact us and give us a change to look at  your portfolio. Looking forward to hearing your stories. 

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